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Difference of C1 and BlackBox C600/C601/C608/C808 plus 700HDC/QBOX 4000

Posted on 18th Nov 2014 @ 6:31 PM

  1. BlackBox server is unstable, many channels are laggy/freeze/hang, and many channels can not watch at all. 
  2. C1 server is stable, able to watch almost all chanenls, and streaming is stable, especially good viewing for BPL on weekend.
  3. BlackBox takes some steps to setup, C1 is easier to use, just plug and play(Starhub cable point and Internet).
  4. C1 builds in WIFI dongle, recording is not functional. Blackbox need to buy external WIFI dongle.
  5. Blackbox takes up one USB port for WIFI, NO extra USB port to record. Need to use LAN cable to release USB port for recoding.

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